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Under What Circumstances You Should Expect A Complete Pavement Overhaul?

There are various reasons why a pavement may fail, but some of the most common are asphalt failure, slippage, bleeding, alligator cracks, corrugation, and giant potholes. This blog post by Black And Yellow Pavement Inc. will discuss each type of pavement failure in detail and explain when a complete overhaul is expected.

The Different Types of Pavement Overhauls

Pavement overhaul is big business. Billions of dollars are spent on repairing and maintaining roads, sidewalks, and parking lots every year.


The most common type of pavement overhaul is milling, which involves removing the top layer of asphalt with a large machine. Milling can be used to repair cracks and potholes or smooth out a rough surface.


Resurfacing is another popular option, which involves adding a new layer of asphalt over the existing surface. Resurfacing can help extend the pavement’s life and improve its appearance.

Full-Depth Reconstruction

For larger projects, full-depth reconstruction may be necessary. This involves excavating the entire pavement and rebuilding it from the ground up. Although it is more expensive and disruptive than other options, full-depth reconstruction can provide a long-lasting solution for pavement in poor condition.

How Much Money Will the Pavement Overhaul Cost Me?

Over time, pavement can crack and crumble, making them unsafe for vehicles and pedestrians. So, it is crucial to inspect your pavement and make repairs as needed regularly.

The cost of a pavement overhaul will depend on the size of the area and the severity of the damage. However, if you keep it maintained, you can extend the life of your pavement and keep it looking its best for years to come.

How Long Will the Pavement Overhaul Last?

The pavement must be sturdy enough to withstand the constant traffic flow while remaining smooth and leveled to ensure a comfortable ride.

It is no surprise that pavement overhauls are a significant undertaking. However, the results can last for many years with proper planning and execution. How long the pavement lasts depends on many factors, including the type of pavement, the severity of the damage, and the climate. However, you can expect a pavement overhaul to last from a few years to several decades.

The following steps are taken to perform a complete pavement overhaul:

  • The first step in any pavement overhaul is to remove the old pavement. This can be challenging, as the pavement may be bonded to the underlying roadbed or parking lot.
  • Once the old pavement is removed, you need to inspect the roadbed or parking lot for any damage. The workers must repair any damaged areas before new pavement can be laid down.

Make sure to have your pavement regularly inspected and repaired as needed. With proper care, your pavement will be able to withstand the wear and tear of heavy traffic for many years to come.

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