Parking Lot Maintenance Services

Seal Coating

Asphalt sealcoating on a regular basis will more than triple the life of your parking lot.

Crack Sealing

Crack sealing is the first line of defence against water penetrating your asphalt.

Line Painting

Line painting makes for a functional and safe parking lot for pedestrians and vehicles.

Infrared Repair

Infrared is a process that provides seamless repairs and minimal disruption to your tenants.

Residential Driveway Sealing

Our slurry sealer will leave a skid resistant surface that will make for a safe and long lasting driveway.

Paving / Re-Construction

Whether you need to excavate and re-pave or simply need an overlay.

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    Why Pavement Maintenance?

    Properly executed preventative pavement maintenance is the key to maximizing the life of your asphalt, saving your business thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs.

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    First impressions are everything. We have an impeccable company image, let us show you how we're prepared to take care of yours.

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