Residential Driveway Sealing

What is Slurry Seal?

Our Polymer-Modified Refined Tar Mixed With Sand is the most durable pavement sealer on the market.

We mix 4 lbs. of silica sand per gallon of sealer to ensure a non-slip, skid-resistant surface on your pavement. The sand also adds increased durability. Our product curing time is 4 hours to the touch and 6-8 hours before vehicles can drive on it. It leaves a beautiful flat black finish on your driveway.

Benefits of Slurry Seal

1. Polymer Modified
2. Mixed With Sand
3. Skid Resistant – Non-slip Surface
4. Longest Lasting Pavement Sealer
5. Resistant to chemical spills
6. Flat Black Finish
7. Cures in 4-8 Hours


Extends The Life Cycle

Sealcoating makes asphalt last longer … Period! As soon as asphalt is paved, it begins to deteriorate. Chemicals such as gasoline and oil destroy the binder and UV light, water, and oxygen dry it out. This leads to fading, cracking, and loss of aggregate. Sealcoating locks the asphalt binder in and seals the destructive elements out.

Protects From Chemicals

Left unsealed, oil and gasoline will soften and deteriorate the exposed asphalt binder. Sealcoating provides a protective barrier that resists attack from oil and gasoline.

Prevents Water Intrusion

The intrusion of moisture into asphalt pavement accelerates deterioration. Sealing asphalt prevents the seepage of moisture from snow and rain, thus preventing damage from freeze-thaw cycles.

Reduces Repair Costs

Properly maintained asphalt pavement is tough and durable, resisting wear many years longer than unsealed surfaces. This reduces repair costs to the property owners and triples the life of their pavement.





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