Infrared Pavement Repairs

Infrared Pavement Repairs

Infrared technology offers a fast, convenient method of fixing asphalt potholes and defects in as little as 15 minutes per repair.

Infrared thermal bond bituminous pavement patching is a method of blending new asphalt with infrared heated existing asphalt to create a joint-free integral patch. The machine is capable of heating the existing asphalt to a depth of approximately two inches without oxidation or burning. There is no flame in direct contact with the existing asphalt surface. The unit is also equipped with chambers which are capable of storing up to four tons of fresh bituminous materials at a consistent temperature.

The Process

Step 1

Area to be repaired is identified.

Step 2

Infrared heating unit is lowered to within 6″ of the pavement.

Step 3

Having heated the area to be repaired, the softened asphalt is raked and cleared of impurities.

Step 4

New asphalt is stored at 300° and added to the repair area.

Step 5

New and original asphalt is blended and raked level.

Step 6

The edges are first rolled to bond the new asphalt with the original asphalt. The entire area is then compacted with the vibratory roller.

Step 7

The repair becomes a seamless part of the original asphalt. Patch is completed in approximately 15 minutes.





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